Monday, November 3, 2008

Yahoo - Greetings from Calgary

Yep- I'm here in Cowtown for some television interviews - today Global News and tomorrow Breakfast Television. I'll be talking about Sleep Tips for Children and liberally dispensing some "do's" and "don'ts", which will hopefully help some of the sleep deprived and frustrated parents. I'll also be showing off some terrific bedtime products (check them out at

My second child Alexander was born in Calgary some 15 years ago - little did I know when I left here in 1994 that I would add two more kids to the brood and in the process make my kids my material, and my new career.

There were signs that babies and kids would leak into my professional life, as when I lived here, I owned and operated a children's and maternity clothing store. I opened the doors when Alex was just five weeks old - I'd just throw him in a sling and have my two year old Victoria watch over the kids' play area (she was a little territorial but there was no permanent damage).

Still I spent another eight years in corporate marketing before deciding to hang up the briefcase and pick up the pen. So glad I did. Hope others are as well.

And, for the record, I don't personally recommend the five week maternity leave. I'm much happier with my "eternity" leave.

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