Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Is This What Women Want?

On Sunday I went down to the National Women's Show, to make an "appearance" at the Health & Harmony booth. They were giving away five copies of my book, "Journey to the Darkside: Supermom Goes Home", which they sell on their site www.healthharmony.ca

The women I met from Health & Harmony were lovely I had a great time chatting with them and the women I met who dropped by the booth. (I also enjoyed sneaking furtive glances at the "Hanky Panky, Adult Home Parties" booth next to me.)

I brought my 17 year old daughter (looking to escape her studying for a few hours), and she wandered around the show, picking up samples and buying organic make up. But when I took a quick tour with her I wondered about the message we were sending our young daughters when every other booth was about rejuvenation - cosmetically, surgically, organically, medically, physically. While there were lots of companies offering beautiful jewellery, clothing, and healthy food alternatives, the message of "step it up sister" was clear to me. The Botox line-up was wrapped four times around their sizable booth. Not sure what for exactly - the bright pink bag with "BOTOX" on it? Surely not.

It was terrific to see so many women of so many different ages out at the show, clearly enjoying each other's company. Let's hope they didn't come away with an overall feeling of needing to fix what probably isn't broken. Maybe just an appointment for one of those home parties.

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