Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Don't I Know You From Somewhere...

I'm spending the week at the CBC Building in downtown Toronto this week, working on a radio pilot. The building itself is at the same time open and airy (the central atrium) as well as a rabbit's warren of cubicles and darkly lit hallways.

Myself, my co-writer/host Helaine Becker, and Peter Brown (our producer and mastermind behind CBC's hit comedy summer show, "The Irrelevant Show") have been hammering out scripts, booking guests, and generally assaulting people on the street for interviews.

At the same time, as I sit and have my sandwich in the Ooh La La restaurant off the atrium, I've been able to indulge in a bit of Canadian celebrity watching - Wendy Mesley, Jian Ghomeshi, Nicholas Campbell and Matt Galloway have all walked past. Not to mention actually meeting the Queen of CBC, Denise Donlon. Last week when we were in getting audio equipment, Peter Freaking C. Newman walked by on his way to an interview.

(And don't worry Jian - I read your column in the Post this morning, and my teenage daughter thought Twilight was awful as well - she won't be lynching you for your review.)

Haven't seen George S yet, but if the line-ups for tickets to his show, The Hour, are any indication, I'm sure I'll never break through the crowd in order to offer him a seat at our lunch table.

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