Monday, July 28, 2008

Define "Uneventful"

I just returned from a great weekend in Muskoka, continuing my "Summer of OPC" (Other People's Cottages) and was telling a friend it was nice and relaxing...quite uneventful in fact. I thought.

Except for the four stitches my 6 year old had to get just before leaving town (note to self: Skateboarding Camp led by 18 year old counsellor who sprains ankle on first day not a good sign). Which perhaps threw off his sense of coordination and balance and caused him to careen into the bunk bed, resulting in an impressive goose-egg.

Which his 9 year old sister would have appreciated...if she could have seen it, through her insect-stung swollen eye which she stopped complaining about only long enough to get her twice daily ear drops for an infection picked up at camp.

I didn't even want to ask my 14 year old why he was limping after the wake boarding, and apparently my 16 year old was mumbling about something bleeding after the tubing.

And I know my banker husband is sitting in his office today, regretting the not clearly thought out decision to climb the inflatable floating mountain and partake in the teenage wrestling contest. If he doesn't remember it, his back will.

Fortunately, there are few accidents which happen while laying on the dock with a cocktail, which is where you found me. Uneventful? From where I was lying it was...

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Justine Wright said...

classic! summer is so much fun...that's why I carry first aid kit and margarita mix...