Saturday, August 2, 2008

OPC's, Part 2

My Other People's Cottage tour continues...this week I travelled way, way up north to visit and stay with my Birth Days buddy, Josey Vogels, and her very talented photographer husband, Daniel Parker.

I brought my two youngest kids - aged 6 and 9 - whom I think are the easier two compared to the tantrums and surly attitudes of my teenagers. Clearly, it is a relative sort of "easy" as Josey and Daniel looked a tad worn out as I was pulling out two days later.

Mind you, these two little angels had:

a) put indelible marker stains on their couch
b) set off the car alarm before breakfast time
c) scared the two cats into total oblivion and likely off a cliff
d) hid the remote control for more than 12 hours
e) watched Austin Powers "Goldmember" 14 times
f) got up at 7:30 in the morning, scant hours after we had retired

If you have kids, this list is NOTHING. If you don't, I suppose its SOMETHING.

Listen to Josey on CBC Radio - her new show "Between You and Me" is awesome - Thursday mornings at 9:30 and Saturday afternoons at 4:00. Or visit the website and listen online and check out the bunnies in the photos - they live at their cottage and don't wield markers or remotes in a threatening way.

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