Monday, August 18, 2008

Real Life

On Friday we had a photo shoot at my house, for the Frazzled Mom piece. As usual I recruited my children, but as in the life of a real frazzled Mom, had to improvise just a tad. I was down one kid out of the four, and there was a call to "Send in the replacement husband". My real life husband was frantically working so we could get away for the weekend, my editor stepped into the hapless male role and agreed to be background Dad. He even brought his dog - I don't own a dog but a REAL frazzled Mom would, I suppose. Nothing is the way it seems in this photo...but do you think I could talk them into airbrushing a few pounds off?

I need the pounds off after another glorious weekend sponging off yet another set of gracious friends. Started off great with a big win by yours truly at Texas Hold 'Em (nothing like beating two men and your teenage son in one fell swoop), but quickly deteriorated the next night during a rousing game of Tour De Force (a little known but excellent Canadian Trivia Board Game by Charles Templeton and Pierre Burton) where I inadvertently revealed the fact that I couldn't name one tributary river but had no trouble listing the names of John Derek's three wives.

Wish I could airbrush out that knowledge.

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