Sunday, July 20, 2008

Scary scary scary

David Sedaris is hysterical. If you haven't read his latest book, "When You Are Engulfed In Flames", you must do so immediately. I got hooked on him with one of his earlier books, "Me Talk Pretty One Day". In particular, one story which chronicled his battle with one of life's scariest challenges - going into the washroom during a house party and finding the toilet already contains a little present from the last visitor. And you can't get rid of it,(you have to read it to find out why)...but you can't leave because there are people lined up behind you and come on, you wouldn't believe it wasn't them, either.

David will be in Toronto on December 10th at Massey Hall and I already have tickets (thanks to my sister for the early Christmas present). Get yours too if you need a laugh. And who doesn't?

I had my own scary moment this week. Decided that I needed to check the caloric and fat content of a McDonald's McChicken. They have a "Nutrition Calculator" (as a former consumer marketer, I admire their euphemistic branding effort on that). Yes, I'm sorry I looked. My favourite. Don't do it. The next thing you know you'll be looking up Wendy's Baconator as well. Scary.

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