Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Double Life

Mostly my schedule is full of all of the things a typical Mom of four finds her time filled with. Exciting, exciting things like track meets, hockey games, soccer practices, violin lessons, (hey even a teenage driving test), blah blah blah. But last week I got to put on my writer hat and visit Niagara-on-the-Lake to review the play "The Stepmother". Awesome. Not just the play, but getting out and being an adult with a close friend. A few cocktails, a matinee and a quiet dinner withOUT our combined 7 children...what could be better. We almost ran away entirely.

We couldn't decide where to go for dinner, and indicated to an older lady that we would just ask a concierge, meaning we'd barge into a fancy hotel and get some free advice. But she said "Oh you brought your own concierge? How nice." As if...but it was nice to dream for a minute (until my daughter called me complaining about her brother hogging the television and insisting on my coming home early to practice parallel parking). Find your dream minutes - that's all they last.

My review of the play, and my day in NOTL will be published in a summer edition of The Good Life magazine, out locally in Mississauga and Oakville, but available online on my website "articles" section as well.

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Justine Wright said...

Hi Kathy
Loving your new blog. Keep it up.

enjoy the "birth days" show. You three make a great panel....