Thursday, June 12, 2008

Girl Power

I recently linked up with Girlphyte CEO Sue Van Der Hout - who is a total hoot - and have been writing articles for her women-powered and empowering website, She's going to be taking it to a whole new level this fall with the launch of, and I'm happy to be going along for the ride.

Yesterday I spent an hour at Sheridan College's impressive broadcast studio, with her managing editor, Sherine, and we taped an interview on my thoughts about what makes a woman successful, and how women measure success (I think it's quite different than the way men do). This interview, and a new article I'm writing on that difficult decision about returning to work after having a baby, will be in their fall launch.

All this, after spending the morning doing my monthly "Family Expert" spot on Rogers TV in Kitchener. For the second time I brought my 6 year old son Nicholas on air with me (just call me Dina Lohan...) and this time he actually talked on camera - and grabbed his crotch at the same time. It was delightful. I'm not sure how far down the camera pans, but I'm hoping it didn't catch me batting away his hand as he talked about his favourite family dinner traditions. I suppose for a young boy (and maybe some older ones), reaching down and finding that "It" is still there, is their definition of success.

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