Monday, March 30, 2009

Indoor "Play" Ground

On a rainy day this weekend, I decided to take my two youngest kids (aged six and ten), and a little friend of theirs to an indoor playground. A great big indoor playground with miles of jumping, climbing, sliding and otherwise tumbling about fun.

Next time I decide to do this, someone needs to pop me on the forehead a la the V8 ads.

"Oh right! I forgot I hate indoor playgrounds!"

It was packed. It was hot. It was loud.

I naively took along my laptop, my book, and a magazine. I think I read two articles, and didn't touch the rest. The articles were from a parenting magazine and I'll admit I was looking for help.

$25 in admission, a plate of greasy fries, three slushies and a lost hat later, we were on our way.

I got the "indoor" part of this. I'm still looking for the "play".

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