Friday, April 3, 2009

Age Is Just a (BIG) Number

It's my birthday tomorrow, and my 17 year-old daughter was reflecting on this the other day as she contemplated whether she could get away with making me something versus dipping into her prom dress account.

She looked up and she said "Wow. Mom. You're old, eh?"

No kidding.

I said "Not really. Look at Grandma"

She said, "No. Yo. Seriously. You're old, eh?"

All right already. This is my oldest child. My youngest is 11 years younger and there are two other in-between.

When we went to her high school orientation four years ago, I turned to my husband and said "Just think - we'll be doing this in another two years, another six years, and another 11 years. We're the youngest parents we're going to be at one of these things. We're going to be old at Nicholas' session."

This same lovely daughter leaned over and said "Oh my God Mom. You'll be dead by then."

So at least we have progress. I have gone from being six feet under, to being just very, very old.

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Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

I had the same feeling as I was at my middle son's 5th grade event at school. He'll be done with elementary school after this year, then we have one year without a kid there, then the youngest begins Kindergarten in 2010... which means I'll be doing the 5th grade event again in... 7 years. Scary math, this age thing, and it's funny because I still feel 26.