Thursday, January 1, 2009

Resolutionary Thinking

Happy 2009!

I'll be kicking my year off with two shows tomorrow - starting with Canada AM and an early start (I'll be on at about 7:40). I'll be talking about trying to get the entire family organized in the New Year - of course with the end goal of trying to split the workload around here with the four kids. And minimize the fighting. And have a clean house once in a while. And get to the gym.

Hey, it's the New Year - I have to at least try.

Then I'll be driving down to the CityTV studios to talk about 3 "Resolution Solutions" I've been working on with the Proctor & Gamble folks. If you want a preview, go to my website and click on the Tide logo. The show will be live at 12:30 p.m., and its a phone-in, so if you can, please do.

Then I'm letting my family organize themselves, and the resolutions land where they may as I head out for a girls' weekend skiing. There may be more apres than ski, but it'll be a good ending to this holiday season before I'm back in the routine on Monday.

(Actually the real holiday starts when the school bus rolls by - with my kids on it. Don't tell me you weren't thinking the same thing.)

Happy New Year.

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