Thursday, January 8, 2009

Make sure you get my good side...

Forget about what they say about why people go into radio - I just met some lovely people who should be seen as well as heard.

Earlier this week I dropped in to 97.3 EZRock in Toronto to talk about Resolution Solutions. I met Kim Stockwood, Colleen Rusholme, and Humble Howard early on a snowy day, and they were just as fun and funny in person as you'd think. All of them bright, bubbly and good-looking first thing in the morning.

Humble and I commiserated about the joys of teenage girls, Kim and I compared notes on the younger set, and Colleen and I did a cheer for her 3 month anniversary of not smoking. Awesome group.

Kim offered me her chair without knowing that I was disguising the fact I was hobbling in to see them on a broken toe. (How sweet is she? Her song "You Jerk" is still one of my all time favourites.) I'll admit it was tough to shake off the codeine effects when I got up at 5:00 that morning, but hopefully they didn't notice.

They normally have some really cool guests on (must have been a slow day when they booked me) so listen in when you can.

I limped back to my snow laden car and drove out to Mississauga to visit my friends at Rogers Daytime Television where we also talked about sticking to our resolutions...and fortunately they had a new set which included low chairs...and the ability to tuck my sorry foot under their new coffee table.

Okay, the toe. It's not "childbirth" painful, but it's a pain, nonetheless. The hardest part for me has been having to buy slippers to mitigate the damage of accidental foot stomps from my six-year-old. I HATE slippers - they make women frumpy and men look like wimps. I'm sort of a wimpy frump with mine on.

Next Tuesday morning I'll be on Breakfast Television talking about some Parenting Resolutions for 2009...hopefully by then I'll be able to wear camera-worthy footwear to show off while perched on their teetering chairs against their glass tabletop.

The only side-benefit? The doctor has ordered me NOT to work out for two weeks. Just when the gym is full of folks determined to stick to their resolutions. Lucky them.

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