Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Last Trip. Really.

I finished my Christmas shopping over a month ago. Really.

So why do I find myself standing in line for half an hour at Best Buy, having wrestled the last Mario Kart Wii from a woman who easily has 20 pounds on me?

Why am I flipping through the National Enquirer for the fourth time this week while in the interminable line at the grocery store? (Hello the store only closes for one day yet we all feel this strange compulsion to shop for enough for weeks to make up for it).

Why do I feel such rage towards a well meaning Mom who informs me that when their child comes over to play tomorrow they'll be bringing a little gift for my nine-year-old?

It's never enough.

I was at a store and overheard a woman say to her friend "Oh this would make the perfect gift for someone you don't like very much."

Even my six-year-old is trying to add to his already fulfilled Santa wish list. Not happening.

It's enough already. Put down the credit card and go home.

(And if you see me in line at the grocery store this afternoon don't say anything...I know, I know.)

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