Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Say ohmmmmmm

Yes, normally I'm saying OMG but once in a while I just say ohm...when I'm trying to pretend that I know what I'm doing in Yoga class. I wrote about my experiences in the new blog I just launched exclusively with DoubleDay Canada, on their website, Health & Harmony. I'm sorta the comic relief on the site. You can read about my attempts to find a life balance every few weeks, by visiting http://www.healthharmony.ca/KB

As my Yoga instructor can attest, I'm not the world's most flexible person, but I knew a girl in high school who was- she blew into freezing Winnipeg like the southern storm that she was, and we were all amazed by her gymnastics ability, her Texan Twang ("Say ZEEERO for us Pam!") and her fantastic self-confidence. We've stayed in touch through the years, and serendipitously, wouldn't you know it - she's a yoga instructor and she kindly shared my blog on Yoga with her home base in Texas, so now I'm sending you to her site, for some great information and tips. Check out her blog at http://potentialwithin.wordpress.com/2008/10/08/kathy-buckworth/ to read all about it.

And just let your mind float...you'll need to after deciding who to vote for today.

Don't forget to vote.

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Pamela said...

Hey Kathy,

I am totally cracking up! I roomed the second half of the Estes Park Yoga Journal Conference with 3 women from Toronto. (Hey, who's YOUR yoga teacher?)

Anyhoof,I told them about moving to Winnipeg from West Texas, and how the kids would sit around in a circle and make me say "Zero!" over & over again. I can't believe you remember that! What a hoot!

Thanks for the nice plug, my friend! Geez, we're a long way from our 8th day band days at Lincoln, huh?