Friday, October 3, 2008

A Thriving Hospital

Today I had the honour of speaking at the launch of a great new magazine called "Thrive". The publication is a joint venture between the Credit Valley Hospital and the Credit Valley Hospital Foundation, and I was pleased to be asked to not only contribute a few articles, but also to act as their "cover girl". I've personally had a broken bone repaired there (the result of a freak sliding door mini-van accident), and also gave birth to my fourth child at the hospital, so this "birth" was a natural.

The cover photo wasn't exactly an exotic photo shoot on a Caribbean beach, rather it took place in my kitchen, but the upside was no bikinis were necessitated. The article was called "The Frazzled Mom" and the editor told me he thought of me right away - not sure if this was a compliment on my writing skills or a comment on my lifestyle, but I took the gig.

I couldn't produce my entire family for the photo, so I shipped in a fake husband (my editor), his dog (hey, I have four kids...I need a dog?), and as I was down one son, pretended to be yelling at him off camera. It wasn't a stretch.

The launch was a success and the magazine is glossy and sleek - unlike this frazzled Mom who is mortified to see that my messy cupboards are in crystal clear focus in the shot. No staging was required to appear truly frazzled.

You can read my musings on why Moms today feel more frazzled than ever by visiting the Articles section at my website,

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Justine Wright said...

i think the blackberry attached to your belt clip also is a great effect!!! you have a dog????