Friday, October 24, 2008

Organic Wine - the best of both worlds?

Yesterday I met my friend, author Nathalie Prezeau for lunch at Live Organic Food Bar. Her choice. It's not that I'm anti-organic or anti-raw or anti-vegan...its just I like eating across the food spectrum, and for me that includes red meat, red wine, and, well basically anything deep fried.

But I was curious and hungry, and I had just done an interview for a magazine down the street...and I like Nathalie, so I agreed to try it. I joked that I guessed it wouldn't be a liquid lunch, which is the norm for writers (the only thing I have in common with Ernest Hemmingway, BTW).

Much to my surprise and delight - there is such a thing as Organic Wine, and as we split a half litre, I had to acknowledge that my raw pad thai was also pretty good. I haven't really met too many happy vegans in my life but the service was great and the food was really tasty.

Visit them - they're at 264 Dupont Street, and there's an amazing store next door called Kinna Sohna which carries clothing and jewelry "from far-away lands". The owner and designer was lovely and she indulged me as I tried on the same blouse in about 17 different colours.

Wine, healthy food and silk blouses - what could be better.

Check out Nathalie's book "Toronto Fun Places", or visit

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Nathalie said...

You know what? We could have ordered the full bottle! The Dupont subway station is just one block from the restaurant.

P.S. You're a great date.