Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Frazzled...or just plain fried.

I'm writing an article this week on the "Frazzled Mom" for a new women's magazine.

It's fun - and funny - because I'm having a heck of a time getting the time to do this piece on, well, myself, in between the half day summer camps, orthodontist appointments, movie theatre drop offs, grocery shopping, birthday present buying, two other articles, a video taping, preparing for fall seminars, scrubbing algae out of pool, writing proposals, editing books...etc etc etc and blah blah blah.

All riveting stuff. The funniest part is that I'm supposed to be finding other Frazzled Moms to talk to as well - and they're too busy to talk to me.

I'm just wondering who's going to have time to read the magazine?

1 comment:

Justine Wright said...

hahah. exactly..barely get time to pee alone yet read a magazine all the way through.
got someone hanging off me now as I type this!