Friday, May 30, 2008

No Leverage At All

I recently had an article published which talked about my BlackBerry addiction...and as usual, I had to make a jab at my husband's typical male attribute of not paying avid attention to every exciting thing I have to say. As he says "I have no leverage around here. If I make the slightest mistake, it ends up in a newspaper or magazine or your tv show." I said "That's right, so watch your step Mister."

The truth of the matter is that part of the "Supermom" schtick I present relies on the belief that I have to do everything around here (mostly true) and that he is the average do-nothing kind of husband (sorta true). I like to call it creative license...I'm sure he'd have another word for it (starts with cr and ends with ap). I keep telling him to write his own story and he can say whatever he wants about me. Bearing in mind he's really just giving me more material for the next article. And I do have a new book coming out in the spring so he'd really better watch it.

Funny thing is, the only thing that bothers him more than the bending of the truth is when I don't mention him at all. Men.

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