Monday, May 26, 2008

A Blog is Born

Why a blog? Does the world really need another one? We'll see.

Starting today, I'll be posting blogs on some of the "behind the scenes" events which happen around here - from the television shows, the publishers, the media, and of course my main source of "material" (otherwise known as my four children and long-suffering husband).

The "Funny Mummy Files" which have been going to subscribers in newsletter format will now appear here in the blog, with hopefully the same articles to read, promotional events, and freebies I've been able to pass on.

The impetus for the blog? I attended the Canadian Writers Union AGM last week, and was inspired by so many great writers (including Barbara Gowdy, Russell Smith, Trevor Cole - all of them very funny - who knew?) and their advice and insight into this media.

So...we'll see what happens. I have a habit of over-sharing - could be scary.

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