Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Field Trip Fun

With four kids, I've been on many field trips. My youngest (Nic) is 6, and I know the days are numbered where he will actually want me to go with him, let alone sit besides him on the bus. (I'm not allowed to drop my teenagers off at the front door of their high school, let alone wave at them and cry "Make good choices." Go figure.) But the trip is more than it seems on the surface. It's a complex political and social arena.

Yesterday Nic and I ventured out to an outdoor conservation area with his class, and as usual, the best part of the trip for him was the bus ride there and back...particularly if you sit in the very last row so that you can feel every last bump in those stitches you thought were well healed by now.

The second biggest thrill was having lunch out of a bag, with Mom. Interesting observations on the types of lunches Moms provide - there's my buddy with her Tim Horton's sandwich and her son's Lunchable - and there's the "good" Mom (who makes homemade Valentine Cards), with the pre-cut grapes, whole wheat crackers, sliced apples, granola and I think a vegan salad...all preciously sealed in "wasteless" plastic containers. If you think the other parents weren't looking at your lunch, think again, amateur. I like to strike a happy balance - a thermos (wasteless), but filled with KD and ketchup. Some carrots...but bought pre-packaged. Alliances are key, and you don't want to be defending or offending someone you may require for school pick up in the future.

I won't even get into the appropriate field trip wardrobe...but apparently dressing like YOU are the 6 year old is a totally acceptable option.

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