Monday, February 2, 2009

Suppressing the Smug

This weekend I went to see a Toronto Symphony Orchestra Young People's concert with my nine-year-old daughter and a friend and her daughter. My daughter has been before, and in the fine tradition of her father before her, always manages to sneak in a nap during the show.

But that's okay.

She's quiet when she sleeps.

Unlike the two young boys who were sitting behind us. Their parents, extremely well dressed for a chilly Saturday afternoon, spent ten agonizing minutes before the concert started, telling your their young prodigies what a terrific experience this was going to be, how exciting it was to be there, what the different musical instruments were, etc, etc.

There can be such a thing as too much build up.

These six and eight year olds were expecting a huge musical extravaganza, beyond their wildest imaginations. What they got was a beautiful selection of bright and lively music, full of percussion solos (by the fabulous Evelyn Glennie).

Somehow, not quite enough for them. After the first five minutes, they were both wailing (during those nice quiet pauses) "Mommy take me home!"

Over and over.

While I did manage to stop from throwing one of those over the shoulder "can't-you-control-those-rats" looks, I did not manage to suppress the smugness I felt in looking down at my own peaceful daughter, who five minutes into the show was still awake and enjoying the energetic conductor.

Wish I could control that aspect of my personality, as certainly I've had many, many "moments" with my own four that have caused others great feelings of superiority.

Perhaps I'll just put it down to evening out the parenting karma of those moments, and enjoy it for what it was.

The concert was great - you should go -without too much build up - next one is on April 4th, 1:30 or 3:30. Visit for ticket information.

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