Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hockey Fights & Other Frights

There's a debate going on right now in the world of professional hockey as to whether fighting should be banned.

To state that it's an integral part of the game at present would be a huge understatement. Attend any NHL game and not only is it expected, it's a biggest highlight for most attendees...the shouts of encouragement and the bloodthirsty cries...truly a sight which always leaves me flashing back to the Thunderdome in the movie Mad Max.

Well, Mel Gibson isn't cute anymore, and either is the hockey fighting. Boys are dying from it. And here's a lovely little poem written by my 10 year-old-hockey playing daughter, who attended a Toronto Maple Leafs game last weekend.

Sweaty, fun,
Hitting, slashing, fighting,
Hockey is the best -
Sticking, skating, punching,
Bleed, hurt,

Just about sums it up. Guess all those words from the coaching staff about it all being for fun didn't sink in. Especially not now in their play-offs. Do you need play-offs to see who had the most fun?

Maybe I can interest her in something a little less violent next year - like kick-boxing.

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