Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Could Be Worse...

Lately there's been tons of media around two big motherhood stories.

Unless you live under a rock you know the first.

The 33 year-old mother of six who thought the term "Eight is Enough" was a guideline for childbirth numbers.

In Canada, we've been caught up with the 60 year-old woman from Calgary who just had twins.

Makes me think.

I'm 45. I have four kids. And I often consider myself:

a) to be old
b) to have too many children.

These women blow me out of the water - one is young, but has enough kids to start her own pre-school, and one is geriatric (no, she is - when I had my fourth at age 39, I was called a "geriatric maternity patient", in Canada) but at least she can hold her entire brood in two arms.

All of this makes my complaining a little silly.

They win.

And isn't that what parenting is all about these days? Having the hardest time or the busiest schedule or the best/worst behaved kids?

I hear Jon & Kate are thinking of adopting another 6 just to keep up. Not to mention the frequent flier miles Angelina's looking at racking up.

And on the positive side, I just became a young Mom with a small family.

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